ZHS honors former coach and AD Craig Milburn

In am emotional ceremony, legendary coach and athletic director Craig Milburn was honored at halftime of Friday’s homecoming game.

The ceremony included the dedication of the Girls’ Softball Filed in his name. Milburn coach girls softball for over a decade. He coached basketball, baseball and other sports at ZHS and was instrumental in building the athletic facilities at the school.

“I can’t put it into words,” Milburn said after the ceremony. “You put so much into it and you know people appreciate it. Seeing all my friends, coaches and former players is great.”

Zephyrhills current athletic director Bruce Cimorelli, interned under Milburn more than 30 years ago and was grateful he could honor his mentor with the much-deserved ceremony.

“His blood, sweat and tears are at this school,” Cimorelli said of his friends. “A lot went in to creating these fields. There was nothing here. He worked countless hours to make this school what it is.”

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