Lineup Losses Cut Deep

Lismayri Santiago (12) and Maya LIanes (4) go high fir the block of Pasco’s Emma LeTourneau

Lady Bulldogs Lose 9-Mile War
-story and photos by
Dave Walters

With 25 percent of the water out on quarantine lot COVID-19 Including a pair of starters, Zephyrhills struggled against an aggressive and Opportunistic Pasco team Tuesday night.

The Lady Bulldog. obviously missed the leadership and play of senior Madison Aguilera and Mercedes Krueger as Pasco swept the night 25-20,25-22 and 25.15 at the Dog House.

“That has a serious impact”, said second-year coach joey galyan of missing her seniors. “when you have a senior who is your best player and another senior who is your third best player, you have to deal with that loss it affects the whole team.

Strong net play by Mahri Lewis and Maya Lianes along with the setting of Mikailah Geiger kept the Bulldog in the match, but unforced error cost the Lady Bulldog delay.


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