Police Standoff Ends Peacefully

Lutz man arrested

A police standoff in the city last night ended peacefully after a Lutz man, who allegedly fired shots at his son, initially refused to exit his son’s home.

According to Zephyrhills Police, Allen Mendez, 49, of 4823 Tea Rose Ct., was arrested around midnight Saturday for aggravated assault and felon possession of a firearm following a standoff with Zephyrhills Police and members of the Pasco County SWAT.

Police said Mendez, a convicted felon, and his son got into an argument and the son fled out of the rear of his home at 5802 18th St. with a dog. Mendez reportedly fired two shots, one of which was at his son. The son told police his father was shooting at the dog, although he heard a shot whiz past his head.

Neighbors reported to dispatch that shots were fired in the area of 18th Street and 9th Avenue. ZPD officers searched for the origin of the gunshots where they made contact with the son in an alley behind the residence.

After repeated attempts by police to make contacts with Mendez inside the home, he refused to acknowledge them. At that time, the situation became an armed man who refused to respond to police. Zephyrhills Police reached out to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office SWAT unit to assist.

Officers from both agencies surrounded the house, neighbors were evacuated from their homes and a police shut down nearby intersections as they secured a perimeter around the residence.

The investigation of the incident is ongoing.

One thought on “Police Standoff Ends Peacefully

  1. I’m the Mother of the son in this article and I just want to apologize to his surrounding neighbors. This was not his fault and he is overwhelmed right now and in disbelief that this happened. He is doing his best to clean up the house and assures you that his Father will not be around being that if his Father does get out he isn’t allowed to be near him. So you all don’t need to worry. He feels horrible and embarrassed. I feel bad that his father did this to him I’m actually pissed and feel bad for you( the neighbors). He was intoxicated when he did this to our son, not saying it makes it OK but to the neighbors just letting you know. My son is a good young Man, just turned 20 yesterday and he just wants to work in Florida. So please don’t hate on him.

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