Incumbents running unopposed

Proctor, Wilkeson will retain City Council seats

Zephyrhills City Councilman Charlie Proctor and Councilwoman Jodi Wilkeson have secured another three-year term after no opponent has filed to run against them in the upcoming April 13, 2021 election.

Both incumbents are long-time sitting city council members and running unopposed is a welcomed break during this election cycle.

“I was very surprised no one filed to run,” said Proctor, who has run three successful campaigns. “I’m very thankful. It makes me think that maybe the citizens think we’re doing a halfway decent job. I do try to work hard for the people while running a business of my own.”

Proctor noted that 2020 has been difficult year, but sees 2021 becoming slightly easier.

“This year seems to be better,” Proctor said. “My wife and I are healthy and I am running unopposed. I expected to have to run a campaign. Now I don’t have to ask my friends for financial help. People were already trying to give me checks, but I wouldn’t take them until I knew if I had an opponent.

“Nobody wants to run a campaign during COVID.”

Wilkeson was last elected in April 2018 after a four-year absence from city government. She served as a councilwoman from 2008 to 2014. She doesn’t shy away from a challenge, but not having to run a campaign is a luxury she will take.

“I’m honored and grateful to have the opportunity to continue serving the residents of this community for another three years,” Wilkeson said.

She understands that growth is a serious concern of the residents and believes city council continues to strengthen the infrastructure and the amenities the city offers. She also sees tremendous projects coming for Hercules Park and the bright future of the Sara Vande Berg Tennis Center.

“We’re just chugging along here and doing the best we can for the city,” Wilkeson said.

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