Police Log

Jan. 21, 2021

A 49-year-old Zephyrhills man was charged with domestic battery Jan. 11 after a verbal argument escalated to physical violence.

According to Zephyrhills Police, Gerard Lebarre of 5825 Broadmore St. allegedly punched the victim in the face causing the victim’s lip to bleed. The two have been involved in a relationship together for 22 years.

The victim identified Lebarre as the person who committed the offense. Lebarre admitted to punching the victim.

A 33-year-old Zephyrhills man was arrested Jan. 12 for domestic battery after a physical altercation.

According to ZPD, Anthony White of 6038 9th St. allegedly struck the victim in the forehead with a closed fist and scratched her neck during a physical altercation. A witness stated White was the primary aggressor and another witness told police he heard the victim tell White to get off her.

White told police the victim was the aggressor and she scratched him numerous times around the neck and punched him on the left cheek. Both had visible injuries that were consistent with their statements. Police determined White was the aggressor. He was transported to the Pasco County Jail.

A 21-year-old Dade City man was arrested Jan. 14 for disorderly conduct after taking a baseball bat to a van.

According to Zephyrhills Police, Zataviyah Wimbush of 20425 Jackson Ct., allegedly was under the influence of alcohol and marijuana when he took a baseball bat to a van parked at 6002 Parkhill Dr. Her actions caused a public disturbance resulting in the apartment manager to call police to call police after being awakened by the noise.

Police said Wimbush had signs and symptoms of being under the influence of alcohol and narcotics. He opted not to speak with police and was transported to the Pasco County Jail.

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