Burglary spree hits Zhills

ZPD reaching out to the community for help in its investigations

A string of burglaries in Zephyrhills between Feb. 22 and March 20 has the Zephyrhills Police Department reaching out to the community for help in its investigations.

Police reported four separate burglary sprees encompassing 29 burglaries occurred in the city with four arrests made, but there are suspects still being sought. Police are cautioning the public to lock doors to cars, homes and exterior buildings.

According to ZPD, there were four car burglaries Feb. 22 around 11 p.m. in the areas of 5th Avenue to 3rd Avenue and 9th Street to 20th Street. Three vehicles and one shed were broken into resulting in stolen items including a wallet and a bike valued at $5,000. Both have been recovered and returned to the owners. Two suspects have been arrested in connection with two of the burglaries. The investigation remains open on the remaining two burglaries. 

Police said a juvenile was arrested in connection to three car burglaries which occurred Feb. 28 in the area around 10th Street and 11th Street and 13th Avenue.

ZPD is still searching for the suspect in nine burglaries March 15. Several items were stolen including a golf cart in the Emerald Point mobile home park. A pick-up truck was stolen and used as the getaway car, and a separate stolen vehicle, originally stolen from Lake County, was found in the area. The truck is believed to be the transportation the suspect used to get to Zephyrhills.

The suspect fled in the stolen truck, resulting in a multi-agency car chase concluding when the Ocoee Police Department recovered the stolen truck. The suspect fled the scene and is still at large. Zephyrhills Police Department continues its investigation. The suspect is believed to be a skinny white male with tattoos and appears younger than age 55. 

A multi-agency response with ZPD and the Pasco Sheriff’s Office resulted in the arrest of a juvenile connected to 13 burglaries March 20 that occurred between 4:30 a.m. and 7 a.m. between South Avenue and C Avenue and 9th Street to 20th Street.

Among the stolen items were a purse, diaper bag, RC car, wallet, shoes and airpods. The juvenile was found hiding under a rotting carpet in the woods behind the train depot. 

ZPD is asking the public for any information or tips on the open investigations into the burglaries on Feb. 22 and March 15. Please report information to (813) 780-0050, Option 1. The public is urged to lock their vehicles and to report any suspicious activity or people to law enforcement.

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