Protecting a Precious Commodity

City promotes water conservation, adjusts fee schedule

City of Zephyrhills Utilities Director John Bostic showed his passion for the resource his department covets dearly – water.

Bostic accepted a proclamation from Mayor Gene Whitfield recognizing April as Water Conservation month. The proclamation stressed that the city always encouraged and supported water conservation through various educational programs and special events.

Zephyrhills, proudly known as the City of Pure Water, urges every business, industry, school and citizen to make a difference when it comes to conserving water. By helping to save water will thus promote a healthy sustainable economy and community.

“People need to realize, especially in Florida, water is a limited resource,” Bostic said. “We have so much water coming out of the ground and it’s going to be more and more with all of the people moving to Florida. We have to be careful.

“It would be greatly appreciated if the people of Zephyrhills would keep in mind that water is a limited resource, so we can go on and prosper in the State of Florida.”

In other related utility department news, Bostic introduced a resolution to update the city’s utility fee schedule that allow the city to collect fees to cover the costs associated with sewer installations, repair of damaged facilities, new construction and after hour utility turn on. It was stressed that these are not water rate increases. Water and sewer rates are not associated with the resolution.

Bostic told members of council the increase in fees provide a guideline for recovering repair costs, installation and removal of materials, plus equipment and labor costs.

The cost of ¾ inch meter increased just under $5 to $218.40. Meter installation and sewer installation will add an administrative fee. Plan reviews for developments under 50 units will cost $50 and developments over 50 units will cost $500.

In addition, the resolution calls for an extension of the afterhours guideline from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. for water turn on or shutoffs.  

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