ZPD Award winners

Earlier this week, ZPD chief Derek Brewer recognized the outstanding dedication, bravery, and commitment displayed by the department’s sworn and civilian personnel.

These award recipients have gone above and beyond the call of duty, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to serving and safeguarding the #Zephyrhills community.

• Officer of the Year: Detective Steven Chimeri

(Chief’s remarks: “This employee has exhibited exemplary work habits, professionalism, and commitment to his assigned tasks. His work ethic exceeds normal expectations, and his attention to detail produces a high-quality work product. His high drive and commitment to drug interdiction within the city have set the standard for his unit. Last year he was assigned to the DEA task force and most recently assigned to the FBI task force. Despite addressing some of the most dangerous and difficult aspects of police work, he has remained consistent with the mission of the department.”)

• Employee of the Year: Juanita Gonzalez

(Chief’s remarks: “This employee is hard-working and the ultimate team player. She is always willing to go the extra mile and takes every opportunity to forward her knowledge to others. She takes pride in her work and is meticulous when completing investigative tasks. Despite her knowledge, she is always seeking ways to improve herself and learn new techniques. Her dedication to the department and to her craft is second to none.”)

• Volunteer of the Year: Gwendoyln Beasley

(Chief’s remarks: “Two times a day, this volunteer safety directs and assists children at the busy school zone of West Elementary. While on duty, she promotes positivity with every student and goes above and goes beyond her duties by teaching the children traffic and pedestrian safety. She is beloved by the students, parents and school staff.”)

• Chief’s Award: Jonathan Rose, Chris Sweet

(The Chief’s Award is issued to members of the Department by, and at the sole discretion of, the Chief of Police in special recognition of exceptional contributions to the goals and objectives of the Department.)

• Distinguished Performance Award: Seth Healy, Brittany Burris, Hollie Hagelin, Jonathan Rose, David Wainwright, Steven Walker

(The Distinguished Performance Award is bestowed upon an employee who, in the course of their assignment, has performed a specific duty, action, or assignment at a level that demonstrates exceptional professionalism and commitment to duty.)

• Life-Saving Award: Kirk Jadotte, Solomon Maldonado, Jonathan Rose

(The Life-Saving Award is bestowed upon an employee whose actions are directly responsible for the saving of human life or where evidence indicate the employee’s actions prolonged a human life to the extent that a victim was released to the care of medical authorities.)

• Employee Recognition Award: Lisa Jones, Angela Adams, Jonathan Rose, Nicolas Cherubino, Bob Chandler

(The Employee Recognition Award is given to an employee who has performed a specific task or job function at a level that exceeds normal expectations.)

Meantime, recognition was also presented for assignment, tenure, safe driving and perfect attendance, among others.

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the incredible work these officers and civilian personnel have done and continue to do.

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