Hercules Park $5.3 million revitalization

The transformation of Hercules Park has picked up momentum as members of the Community Redevelopment Agency eagerly supported the presentation of the $5.3 million preliminary plans for the historic park.

“It’s a huge investment in our youth dollar-wise and it shows city council has heard the problem that we need more for kids,” said City Manager Billy Poe. “I think this project shows council hears what is being said. Will it serve every generation? Probably not, but there will be a playground and splashpad, walking trail, open space where you could sit and eat lunch. It could be a place where you throw the football or go play an instrument.

“It is a park that will offer a little something for everyone. It is a generational park and to spend $5 million on a park in Zephyrhills is huge.”

Design plans continue to be tweaked for the long-awaited Hercules Park project. The park site, located adjacent to Zephyrhills High and Woodland Elementary schools, will feature .75 mile perimeter walking trail made up of a .15 mile north loop, a .25 mile central loop and a .35 mile south loop,.

The plans call for a 1.4 acre playground and picnic area within existing tree canopy plus a one acre open play field with picnic shelters, restroom and a splashpad.

The majority of the park, made up of 5.3 acres, will feature walking and bike trails under the oak tree canopy in the south end of the park.

The city will look at alternate measures to reduce costs to hopefully come in under budget.

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