City Council holds the line on taxes

Tax rate to remain at 6.35 mills.

Zephyrhills residents can thank a housing boom and increased property values for keeping their property taxes steady at 6.35 mills.

Ted Beason, the City’s Finance Director, told City Council Monday that the values in the city have climbed to $946 million with $50 million coming from new construction and additional $53 million comes from increased property values and other sources.

City Council set the millage rate Monday night at 6.35 mills which calculates to $6.35 per $1,000 of a home’s assessed value. In the 2020-21 budget, the city brought in $5,320,970 in property tax revenue. Beason noted that the city would bring in $6,011,395, an increase of $655,904.

City Council’s approval locks them in at a maximum millage rate of 6.35. By law the city cannot raise the rate. They can only stay at 6.35 or go lower.

“I’m very proud we can do it,” said City Council President Alan Knight. “We have a lot of people moving to our area because of the taxes. They are coming from out of state and everything else.

“The council and the finance officer, we need to give them a tip of the hat. Our taxes are low and stable. Our taxes haven’t gone up in five years. I’m proud and I’m glad. The people should be very glad with the way things are.”

The first budget hearing is set for Sept. 13 with the final budget hearing scheduled for Sept. 27.

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