Chcik-fil-A scholarship award winners

A pair of East Pasco students, who work at Chick-fil-A Zephyrhills, have been awarded scholarships from the restaurant company.

Pasco High School senior Olivia Gillispie, 17, is graduating fifth in her high school class. She will have earned her certified nursing assistant license upon graduation and has plans to study civil engineering or environmental science in college. In addition to her academic achievements, Gillespie is praised for her work ethic and leadership skills.

Grace Riner, a student at Pasco Hernando State College is following in her mother’s footsteps heading into the medical field. The driven, disciplined Chick-fil-A Zephyrhills Team Member is studying to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists. Grace is also recognized for her positivity and hard work at the restaurant.

Both Gillespie and Riner were awarded a $2500 Remarkable Futures Scholarship to further their studies.

“We could not be more proud of Olivia, Grace and all of our Team Members here at Chick-fil-A Zephyrhills,” said Scott Amole, local restaurant Operator of Chick-fil-A Zephyrhills. “We are proud to have
two deserving Chick-fil-A scholarship recipients at our restaurant and we’re honored to play a small role in their continuing education. We look forward to watching them chase their dreams.”

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