Zephyrhills Business Burglar Arrested

White Claws, scissors, and more stolen in multi-business burglary spree

Zephyrhills Police have arrested a man involved in a spree of burglaries which took place at various local businesses Sunday morning.

According to ZPD, Lawrence Franklin King Florida went into the back area of The Great Catch, 5039 1st Street, opened the freezer, and threw all the white claw alcoholic beverages and beers in the retention pond behind the business. Total value is approximately $600.00.

Florida walked to Massey Barbershop, 5330 6th Street, broke a side window, entered the business, and took a set of clippers, charging stand, and Otium wireless earbuds. He then walked to Lisa’s Barber Shop, 5517 Gall Blvd, and broke the front glass door. Once inside, he stole five clippers and two pairs of scissors valued at $1,000.

Next, Florida proceeded to Carpet and Floor Source, 5527 Gall Blvd, where he broke a side window, made entry but nothing is reported missing at this time. He walked to Living Foods Bakery & CafĂ©, 38201 10th Ave. where he broke a side door glass window to make entry and stole approximately $800 worth of jackets, cash/coins, cash bags, and keys. A pair of antique scissors from Lisa’s Barber Shop was located in the carport of this business.

The spree traveled to the Zephyrhills Veterinary Clinic, 5655 Gall Blvd, where he broke a window on the west side of the business which triggered the alarm. Nothing is reported missing at this time. Keys and a bag of coins were located in the dumpster of this business that belonged to Farm Fresh. 38245 15th Ave.

Florida broke into the shed located in the backyard of Zephyrhills Cat Rescue where he took cat wormer, animal pain medication, and syringes.

Early Sunday morning ZPD Officer Tomas Zelinski responded to a report that someone pulled off a homeowner’s ring camera doorbell. The homeowner positively identified Florida, his neighbor, as the suspect. Florida was still wearing the same clothes that are observed in the burglaries. He also reportedly broke into a truck on 9th Street.

Post Miranda, Florida admitted to breaking into all the listed locations. He agreed to walk ZPD officers to the locations where he dumped the stolen items.

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