Burglary Bust

ZPD makes arrest in string of car burglaries including an attempted burglary of a police vehicle

Zephyrhills Police arrested a 19-year-old Zephyrhills man Sunday involved in a string of car burglaries including trying to enter a Zephyrhills Police vehicle.

ZPD arrested Spencer Thomas Gillespie of 19th Street, on three counts of burglary of a conveyance, one count of attempted burglary of a conveyance, one count of petit theft, trespass on property other than structure, attempted burglary of an occupied dwelling and theft.

Early Sunday morning, Gillespie allegedly made a series of really bad choices as he attempted to enter a 2015 Dodge Ram pickup truck, but the vehicle was locked. His next decision was to try the door handle of the victim’s other vehicle — a marked Zephyrhills Police Department vehicle, which was locked as well. Gillespie reportedly went into the backyard of the same residence through a closed gate. All of his actions were captured on video surveillance.

A couple on 18th Street reported to police that they heard someone trying to enter through the front door of their residence, but it was locked. Video surveillance caught him trying to enter the home using two different doors. The cameras also caught Gillespie as he tried the doors handle of the couple’s vehicle which was locked.

Gillespie allegedly entered a pickup truck parked at a residence on 19th Street taking a cell phone and a set of keys. He moved on to 2nd Avenue where he allegedly stole two debit cards from the center console of a vehicle. The cards were found in his possession at the time of his arrest.

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