SVB rallying for beach volleyball

Sand courts being added at city-owned tennis facility

Beach volleyball is being added to the menu of activities available at the Sarah Vande Berg Tennis Center, according to Pascal Collard, CEO of the center.

Collard and his staff made a presentation Monday night before Zephyrhills City Council outlining the plan to add beach volleyball to the facility’s ever-growing offerings to athletes. The presentation noted that the new beach volleyball courts will double as fitness instruction areas at the center.

“The sand that you play on is also used for fitness, so there is a nice future for use to have this surface at SVB,” Collard said. “It would be unique. There’s nothing like this around here. We always like to be the first at everything.”

Coaches from Sand Life Volleyball of Tampa will be involved with the program at SVB providing high level-training while attracting tournaments and other events. The plan is to add another feature to SVB to attract more people to Zephyrhills.

“The possibilities are endless,” Collard said. “I believe this is going to have a huge economic impact.”

The additional sport and training area at SVB will be added at no expense to the city.

“I think everything go on out there is perfect,” said City Councilman Alan Knight.

In addition, SVB may become solar powered in the future. A presentation outlining the possibilities of going solar at the city-owned facility was made stressing that it could reduce energy costs at the center.

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