Pearl Harbor remembered in Zephyrhills

Pearl Harbor survivor Wig Wigmore proudly attends event

Wig Wigmore, a 101 year-old Pearl Harbor survivor, doesn’t look at himself as celebrity. However, he was the center of attention Saturday during the Zephyrhills Museum of Military History’s Pearl Harbor Day 80th Anniversary commemoration event.

Wigmore, who worked in headquarters on the island that fateful day, was a fortunate survivor. Seven others at the headquarters suffered fatal injuries during the Japanese sneak attack.

While that day changed his life, being able to keep the history of it alive is a responsibility he is proud to claim.

“I’m educating them with history and they are educating me with their vitality and energy,” Wigmore said of the people he gets to share his story with. “The fact that they have an interest in Pearl Harbor is amazing. The interest in Pearl Harbor is down and there aren’t many survivors left.

“It is a boost to me.”

Wigmore has been a guest of the museum for the last 11 years and continues to watch the event grow and credits the museum personnel for keeping the events of Pearl Harbor as a critical piece of history.

“The attendance continues to grow here and the variety of displays keeps people coming back and attracts new people young and old,” Wigmore said. “I am proud to be part of this and I’m proud of the people who makes this happen.”

The event was kicked off with an aerial presentation of colors by Patrick Fortune and his Flags in the Air team from Skydive City. Members of the Pasco High School Nay JROTC presented the colors on the ground.

Several military encampments, military vehicles and aircraft were on display. A World-War II era weapons demonstration was held as well.

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