Grinding For Life

Zephyrhills Skate Park fills with skaters grinding for a good cause

Zephyrhills Skate Park was again the Mecca for hundreds of skateboarders Saturday competing in the Grind for Life Series event.

Zephyrhills is the first stop in the series that will hold events at other Florida skate parks, plus competitions in Texas, California and Michigan.

Skaters of all ages from through the Southeastern United States competed in the event that crowned winners in street and bowl disciplines. The series winners accumulate points toward an annual banquet presented by event host The Boardr, a skateboard events production company out of Tampa.

Grind for Life is a charitable organization that raises money through skateboarding events to help cover travel expenses for cancer patients. In many case, insurances cover treatments, but don’t cover travel costs.

Mike Rogers, the founder of Grind for Life, is a two-time cancer survivor. He isn’t letting his battle slow him down. He is allowing it to inspire him to inspire others.

“We’re doing this safely and we’re doing it right to help good people get cancer treatment,” said Rogers, who has brought the Grind for Life event to the Zephyrhills Skate park for the last five years. “The park here is great. The community of Zephyrhills and the local area has been great to us. The impact we have on the community is huge and we’re proud to bring it here to Zephyrhills.”

Grind for Life helps with expenses for cancer patients who have to travel long distances for cancer treatments. Last year they provided more than $26,000 in assistance for cancer patients.

“I’m a miracle of medicine,” Rogers said. “And this is miracle of skateboarding where people get to come out and skate and help people at the same time. We get to do many things with many people who can help in many ways.”

The Boardr has been part of the Zephyrhills Skate Park history since the opening in 2015. Along with designers Team Pain, The Boardr has continued their support for the park by hosting major events every year and bringing hundreds of skaters to Zephyrhills.

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