Bill Lowe named Ryman Holiday Re-Roof winner

Ryman Roofing’s Holiday Re-Roof winner is Zephyrhills resident Bill Lowe, who was nominated by his neighbor Robby Fayas,

In the nomination, Fayas described Lowe as “the neighborhood welcoming committee.” He added that Lowe is known for helping out lending tools, providing much need rides or mowing yards. It’s his way of continuing to give back during his retirement years.

Lowe raised his children as a single father, worked hard and always put those around him first. He has truly lived his life as a community guy. His involvement in the betterment of his community became that much clearer when he turned to Kevin Ryman telling him he knew his father for many years.

Nelson Ryman, the patriarch of the Ryman family passed away in September of 2022 and was the epitome of giving back and working hard for his community through the Rotary Club, his church and a charity in Haiti. The Rymans were unaware of the connection that created some tearful moments.

“I kind of think Pop may have put Mr. Lowe and our team on a path to meet – and if he did, he couldn’t have done a better job,” Ryman Roofing posted on a Facebook post. “Here’s to an easier 2023 with one less thing to worry about, Mr. Lowe. Thank you for not only giving to those you encounter, but for inspiring so many to do the same.”

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