Mural Project Moves Forward

Main Street Selects Artist

Main Street Zephyrhills, Inc has selected artist, Jonathan Sierra to complete the 7th Street Mural, along with Assistant Artist, Fonz Eljaiek. Work on the mural is expected to begin in May of 2021. The mural will be located on the South-facing wall of 5210 7th Street. 

Sierra originally hails from New York City and now calls nearby Lakeland home.

The mural design concept is described by Sierra as centering “around the idea that water is restorative and connects us back to the life that it has had contact with” while “using color to connect our audience to the cool and refreshing feelings of water”.

The Design committee reviewed 26 submissions for Main Street’s Mural Program and has plans to install additional murals in the downtown.

“I love allowing art and design to tell stories, ignite emotions and convey things that can’t be put into words. The pieces that I share are an overflow of my life experiences in an effort to connect with the collective human experience in a way that matters in culture through shared values and ideals.

He has more than 15 years of experience in Creative Direction with multiple American Addy Awards for Creative Direction and Design for companies like AgAmerica Lending and Allen & Company of Florida Inc. He currently owna a brand agency with a team of project managers, designers and artists based out of Catapult in Lakeland.

He has also successfully overseen the launch of dozens of brands in industries that range from Investment Banking, to Real Estate, to Health & Wellness, to Food, to Non-Profits. He combines the art of storytelling and design thinking to develop meaningful, differentiated, and authentic expression for companies big and small, start-ups or stalwarts.

A father of three talented and beautiful daughters, he serves on the board of Mi Escuela Montessori School, Polk County’s first bilingual charter school. As an artist, originally born in NY, He has been surrounded by street art as a form of expression and a vehicle for social change for most of his life. From the tagged subway trains to the alley ways layered in graffiti artists competing for social dominance.

“Thankfully, over the years I’ve watched transform from a widely socially unacceptable medium to an embraced and celebrated form of expression,” Sierra said. “I’m grateful to be a part of the next wave of artists that are leaving their mark on the world for generations to come.  

Assistant Artist, Fonz Eljaiek is an accomplished and driven artist. With 20 years of experience as a creative professional, he is passionate about art and technology, and very enthusiastic in working with other artists to create amazing visuals for the future.

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