Main Street director steps down

The City of Zephyrhills will begin searching for a Main Street Director after Faith Wilson announced she will be stepping down from the position later this week.

Wilson, who was instrumental in initiating a rebranding of the organization, brought art elements to downtown Zephyrhills enhancing the historic business district. She announced Monday that three more art projects will be implemented downtown.

Wilson came in as the director last spring  as COVID was still an event-cancelling pandemic, but she strived to bring back events like Halloween Howl and the Festival of Lights Parade. She also brought Music and Motorcycles back to Fifth Avenue.

While giving her Main Street second quarter report to City Council, she noted that she gave her resignation to the city that will be effective following Saturday’s Main Street Market downtown.

 “I’m really pleased to have had the opportunity to work and serve this community and to see Main Street strive in her endeavors,” Wilson told members of city council. “To be part of something that has had such a tangible impact has been life-changing.”

Wilson took community criticism regarding the Main Street board’s decision to cancel the city’s Founder’s Day activities. The board made a decision based on safety with a storm projected to hit the city during the event. Sadly, it never rained.

Wilson received great thanks and support from city council including a standing ovation for her work and impact on the organization in such a short time.

“You created a team that worked really hard,” said council vice president Lance Smith. “We take our lumps. We understand Founder’s Day is really important, but I think you did the right thing. It’s water under the bridge. The projects you have started are very exciting.”

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