City Golf Course off the chopping block

National Guard eyeing 14 acres at South and 6th Avenue

Zephyrhills City Officials made a large group of golfers loyal to the Zephyrhills Municipal Golf Course happy when they announced that the historic course is no longer the top choice for a Florida National Guard Armory.

An armory with a $25 million price tag is coming to Zephyrhills. When the state and local officials were considering the property that is the home of the golf course, avid golfers made their voices heard to members of city council recently.

More golfers, holding “Save our Course” signs were ready to make more noise Monday night until City Manager Billy Poe announced that the National Guard is looking at another piece of property in the city.

Poe said the new proposed location is a 14-acre lot at the southwest corner of the intersection of South Avenue and 6th Avenue.

“Nothing has been finalized yet, but we’re working on it,” Poe said before the crowd erupted in applause.

Valarie Snell, a strong supporter of the course, wanted to be sure the course where her league plays, remains open.

“I know you say they are looking at another parcel, does that mean the golf course is completely off the table?”

Poe would not commit that the course as a location is completely off the table until “all the papers are signed.”

“All of the serious conversations are about the other parcel,” Poe added.

Snell said she is speaking on behalf of 60 league members and relayed they were unhappy with the timing of the original armory announcement last month, because most are winter residents and are not available to speak out in support of the course.

Poe said the timing for the announcement came as the state budget was approved and the appropriation was made for the armory.

Snell said she plans to rally letters of support from her fellow golfers and Poe said he would be happy to have them entered into the record regarding their feelings for the golf course.

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