A Major Promotion

State Senator and US Army Reservist Danny Burgess of Zephyrhills was promoted from Captain to Major during a ceremony at Veterans Memorial Park today.

Burgess was administered the oath by friend and Florida Deprtment of Veterans Affairs Executive Director General James S. “Hammer” Hartsell in front of a crowd of Burgess’ family and close friends.

Burgess, a ZHS graduate and the youngest city councilman and mayor ever elected in Zephyrhills, continued serving the residents of Zephyrhills and beyond as a State Representative, the FDVA Director and now as a State Senator.

With his promotion, he moves from the Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) office to a role in Civil Affairs, an area of the Army with deep knowledge of government and diplomacy. Civil Affairs Soldiers educate Army commanders on the many needs, vulnerabilities, and complexities of civilian populations.

“This is without a doubt, this is the best professional hat I get to wear,” Major Burgess said. “I would give everything else up to stay in the military.”

After his children Addy, Danny and Nora, helped him place his rank on his uniform. He received hand-made cards from each of them congratulating him on his promotion.

“Your military family is your backbone and to have Courtney and the kids here to share this moment with them is special to me,” Burgess added. “Thank you to my mom and dad for teaching me to be a person who gives back. It all starts at home in the beginning.”

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